The ACLU: Defenders of High School Vaginal Pride

We (myself in particular) like to pick on the American Civil Liberties Union around here partly because it’s such fun but mainly to make the point that these folks are anti-American, uncivil and the only liberties they are in favor of are the liberties they take with decency and common sense. Well the ACLU has come out yet again in favor of indecency and utter nonsense in the form of a message about vaginas on a button in a high school.

I’m sure there are literally millions of women across the country who are proud of their vaginas. But extending that pride to a statement on a high school kid’s lapel is taking this vaginal pride a bit too far. But never mind common sense and decency: We’re dealing with teenagers, who I know from personal experience sometimes don’t exhibit common sense, and the ACLU, which represents the antithesis of common sense. And when you mix teenagers with the ACLU, you get ridiculous nonsense. Which is why I find myself writing about the ACLU fighting for the right of a bratty little feminazi pup to proudly proclaim that she loves her vagina during school hours:

I’d have to take issue with this little newbie pubie’s view that advertising the fact that you have a vagina and you’re proud of it makes a statement that needs to be made in the corridors of the local high school. But as we all know, behind the delusions of an impressionable little feminazi spawn’s brain there just has to be a full-fledged feminazi. Which is where the obviously leftist director of the “women’s studies” program at the local state college comes in:

So in this leftist’s twisted mind, plastering the word “vagina” all over a high school is cool but the word “penis” is a different story? And am I the only one who thinks this woman has a complex about her vagina? I don’t ever remember there being a “nasty, dirty” connotation connected with this female body part but, just like a penis, there are some places where you talk about a vagina and some places you DON’T talk about a vagina. And, just like the aforementioned male organ, talk about vaginas in high school should be confined to sex ed classes. I’d be anxious to know if the ACLU would be defending as vigorously the right of some high school boy to wear a button loudly proclaiming his love for his penis. The smart money is on the notion that they’d be on the side of the young women attempting to sue said boy for sexual harassment.

Where have we come in this society when little high school girls have come to the ridiculous conclusion that freedom of speech in a classroom setting extends to whatever type of pornographic message they interpret as some profound expression of their budding pubescence as it relates to the liberation of women? And why did it take the school administration an entire month to say “enough already!”? Finally, how are we supposed to take an organization like the ACLU seriously when it jumps to the defense of this idiocy? Answer: We’re not. The organization is an affront to common sense and decency and the fact that one of its former attorneys – Ruth Bader Ginsburg – sits on the United States Supreme Court goes a long way towards explaining some of the problems with that body.

As for me, I’m patiently waiting for the logical sequel to The Vagina Monologues: The Penis Monologues. But I won’t hold my breath.