Free Republic Counter-Protests Socialist Students from Boston

Once again, my fellow Freepers and I took American flags and some homemade signs and covened on the battlefield for yet another counter-protest of some socialist pigs yesterday, a cold Boston afternoon. I took the train in while carrying my wood pole with two double sided signs. Since we were protesting some Boston area school students who mantra for the day’s events was “Students Say No To 4 More Years of War,” we Boston area Freepers decided to keep our slogans to a pro-Troops sentiment. I borrowed a quote from Zell Miller for my first sign, “It is the Soldier, not the Demonstrator, Who Gives You the Right to Protest. Support Our Troops.” My other sign was inspired by a chapter I had just read in Russell Kirk’s Politics of Prudence. The sign read, “Stop Being Proletarian, Start Being Pro-American.”

We were vastly outnumbered, but that didn’t bother us. We stood about 100 yards away from the bandstand of the Boston Common while they did their thing before Marching a couple miles to Copley Square. Our small group of seven still had an impact on their estimated 300. Fellow Pardon My English writer Tyler was there for the fun, as well frequent commenters “Little Bill” and “Sarge.” Freeper “JMT576″ was there for the festivities, as well Freeper “ThirstyMan” and his daughter. We could tell that certain signs were aimed directly towards us. Amongst the signs they sported were ones reading “Peace Takes Courage Too,” “Fascism is Good For You,” “100,000 Dead Iraqi Civilians,” and the disturbing (and treasonous) “Victory to the Iraqi Resistance.” There was an American Flag upside down with a “sold” sticker on it, and even an artsy fellow who dressed up as a bomb with the words “Drop Bush, Not Bombs” stenciled on his costume.

Among the speakers featured at the rally was Howard Zinn, the anti-American socialist pig who was quite revered by the other commies in the crowd. We certianly had our share of people flipping us off and yelling at us–but we also had a good share of people cheering us on and thanking us. We even had one young guy who just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq stop by to thank us. The people who supported us ranged in age and gender.

Upon marching, Sarge had some heated words with a unclean commie, but maintained his composure. We crossed the Boston Common and made our way towards Newbury Street. A woman driving some soccer mom kind of car told us she was happy to see us–but that satisfaction of hers was unfounded, as she thought we were with the commies. I explained to her that we couldn’t possibly be with that group, as we were holding American flags, respectfully anyways. I doubt she understood. She drove away to keep with traffic. Once we turned onto Newbury Street, we all found it quite ironic that these people holding signs for a website called Socialist Alternative would chose a route that was predominately through a cornucopia of capitalism. Newbury Street, for those unfamiliar with Boston, is full of fine shops and eateries for blocks, not very conducive to a socialist idealogy. Undoubtedly, the protestors did not make many friends. The old churches that adorn some of the street corners must also have been quite threatening to the anti-religion pinkos. (Side note, one of the Church had what can only be described as an advertisement for people to go to church, which read at the bottom “Get your ass to Church.” Sorry, no photo, just take our word for it). The street was also decorated some with Christmas wreaths and lights–even a sign on a pole with a “Happy Holidays” message, but with Christmas drawings on it, go figure.

Finally making our way to Copley Square, the anti-Americans convened in the shadows of historic Trinity Church–again, no shortage of irony. We stuck around for a little while, enough time for a group of students to come over to us to get some quotes. Since the weather was cold and windy, we retired early for some Guinness and steaks at M.J. O’Connor’s a couple blocks away.

All told, we were called Nazis, scumbags, chumps, all insults we got used to long ago. We hadn’t “Freeped” in a while, and it was fun to do so again. We are all looking forward to more fun filled counter-protests.