NAACP Worried About the Treatment of a Cop Killer

Outside of the New England region, most people are likely unaware of the recent killing a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island--this of course, is largely due to the election of the new Pope.

Detective Sgt. James Allen, 50, was questioning Esteban Carpio, 26, regarding a stabbing of the elderly woman when Carpio grabbed the Detective's gun and shot him to death. Carpio fled by jumping out a third story window and was apprehended an hour later.

Detective Allen is survived by his wife and two teenage daughters. He is remembered fondly by the community and his fellow police officers.

What is being discussed today is not so much the outrage that an officer of the law was brutally taken from his loving family, or the loss of an exemplar officer; rather, the discussion is revolving around the NAACP calling for an invesigation into the case, questioning whether or not "excessive force" was used in the apprehension and arrest of Esteban Carpio.

Clifford Montiero was a guest on a local talk radio program, the John DePetro Show, last week discussing this case. During the course of the interview, he foolishly tried to purport that the call for the investigation had nothing to do with race. No one calling in to the show bought it.

Among the questions asked of Montiero was if the NAACP would investigate the brutality committed against Detective Allen. Mr. Montiero was also asked if it the NAACP would have called for an investigation if it was a white suspect. Of course, he didn't want to discuss "theories," only facts, and said that he was not the one playing the race card and they were only asking to investigate if Carpio's civil rights were violated.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Their "gesture" to call for such an investigation is inherently based on race. Their Mission Statement, Vision Statement and other directives are peppered with words like "race" and "racial." While they conveniently throw in a "all persons" and a "all citizens" here in there, it is clear that those are terms to counter the divisive racial hatred of days in which the NAACP was formed by helping black people achieve civil rights. Montiero pointed out that there are indeed white members of the NAACP, and mentioned chapters in Maine where there is not a large black community. I don't doubt there are white members of the NAACP, I've known a few--and they were liberal foot soldiers who would do anything to aggrandize themselves to the top of the Politically Correct Pyramid.

We all know the NAACP has a history of supporting cop killers, most notably, their support of Mumia Abu-Jamal (who killed Officer Daniel Faulkner, a white police officer). Why does the NAACP support the cop killer, but never the dead cop? Thanks to their topsy-turvy look at life, "free Mumia!" is what you hear, while the widow of Officer Daniel Faulkner is spit on by the politically correct liberal automatons that gobble up this garbage. Groups such as this (and their diligent supporters) ought not be held with such high esteem. This behavior is reprehensible.

The NAACP is in every aspect, a group that is all about race. They can not pretend that they are "color blind" while they actively work towards a "color blind" society. If their own leadership does not realize that their very involvement in the case of Esteban Carpio is what has made the case about race, not the astute talk radio listeners who can see the truth behind the lies. This is sadly another case of the NAACP supporting the black cop killer, and not the murdered cop. There is no hiding behind the fact that Carpio has not been convicted of the crime yet--that will come, and is at this point mere formality. So thank the NAACP when they use their influence to have another cop killer presented as the victim, while a widow and two fatherless young girls have dinner tonight with one empty chair at the table.